CANIVERM tbl. ad us. vet.CANIVERM tbl. ad us. vet.

Antiparasitic product for dogs and cats


Package information
Composition - 1 tbl:

1 tablet - 0.7 g:

  • Fenbendazolum 150 mg, Pyranteli embonas 144 mg, Praziquantelum 50 mg, tablet substance.

1 tablet - 0.175 g:

  • Fenbendazolum 37.5 mg, Pyranteli embonas 36.0 mg, Praziquantelum 12.5 mg, tablet substance.
Pharmacological group: Anti-parasitic agent
Effect method:

Fenbendazol is received orally by worms and blocks polymerisation of the structural protein tubulin inside nerve axons, thus affecting transport functions of absorbing cells in the parasite.

Pyrantel works as an antagonist on nicotine cholinergic receptors in ganglia, which results in spastic neural-muscular paralysis in worms.

Praziguantel increases permeability of cell membranes for calcium ions, which results in muscular contractions in the parasite.

Indication: Diseases caused by roundworms and tapeworms in dogs, cats, Felines and Canidae.
(Toxocara canis, Toxocara cati, Toxascaris leonina, Uncinaria stenocephala, Ancylostoma caninum, Trichuris vulpis, Echinococcus granulosus, Echinococcus multilocularis, Dipylidium caninum, Taenia spp., Multiceps multiceps, Mesocestoides spp.).
Contraindication: Eye cysticercosis and spinal neurocysticercosis. Liver dysfunction.
Interaction: Should not be administered simultaneously with preparations based on piperazine, or other anti-parasitic agents.
Method of administration:

Perorally. Tablets may be administered separately or wrapped in a piece of food. Single dose should be administered. Should not be administered together with dairy food.

Felines and Canidae in zoological gardens, circuses, etc. are recommended to receive crushed tablets according to the animal weight in meat balls; these balls are to be placed in the cage before morning feeding in the number corresponding to the number of animals.


Puppies, small dogs, and cats: 

  • 1 tablet 0.175 g per 0.5 - 2 kg of weight
  • 1/2 tablet 0.7 g or 2 tablets 0.175 g per 2 - 5 kg of weight 

Middle-size dogs:

  • 1 tablet 0.7 g or 4 tablets 0.175 g per 5 - 10 kg of weight

Big dogs and big carnivores:

  • 1 tablet 0.7 g per each started 10 kg of weight
Adverse effects:

Within several hours after administration vomiting, mushy stool, urticaria, or fever may develop. It is a reaction to proteins released from dying worms, it is not a drug reaction.

The preparation may cause drowsiness in the animal.


Tablets a 0.7g:

  • 6 x 1 tbl., 100 x 1 tbl.

Tablets a 0.175g:

  • 6 x 1 tbl.
Precautions: Accurate dosage should be followed in pregnant bitches. In puppies it is recommended to administer the preparation beginning at the age of 3 weeks and then regularly every 3 months.
Storage: At a dry and dark place in intact thoroughly closed original package at the temperature up to 25 °C.
Protection period: Not intended for food animals.
 Exspiry date:  24 months


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